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Think! That's All I Want...

Salam...act aku mmg nk tutup dh blog ni sbb malas,tp timbul la plak crita panas demi menegakkan benang yg x basah ni, aku activate la blk blog aku ni...ok2,jom aku story~

seminggu yg lalu, aku dan nakama2 laen terasa kita perlu mengeratkan silaturrahim antara satu dgn laen, n after wat mcm2 suggestions, akhirnya kami ni semua sepakat la nk wat trip,gi Fayyum...sememangnya trip kn,smua diajak kn..kami bercadang utk relax2 together sama2

ingatkn smua ok je,sbb trip kn,sape x pena gi rombongan skola tu tipu la...punyela setting setting,skali tetiba timbullah mcm2 isu yg secara konfiden nye aku ckp 'nonsense'. (tp aku nonsense yg xde mslh,ni laen)

Persoalan yang timbul..

1) trip ni wat skali laki perempuan skali? yes, mmg kitorg nk wat skali. watpe nk bazir amek 2 coster padahal 1 bas yg besa cukup? satu bas skali2 ke laki perempuan? we say yes...n then diorg x setuju mende ni...diorg nk 2 coster laki satu perempuan satu. demi x memburukkn keadaan, pihak aku ckp 'ok,kite wat dua coster,beralah sbb malas la nk layan..diorg kn org besa...kita ikutla

2) bole x if nk wat trip ni, perempuan laen, laki laen, pergi tempat berasingan,tp skali la satu trip...aku kate ape ke sengal nye bdk2 ni, tu namenya bkn satu trip la...diorg nk pegi tempat2 bkn satu tempat skali...siap ade yg ckp "korg ni pg trip nk tgk tempat ke nk tgk pempuan?" weh klu kitorg nk tgk perempuan ,tu haa tetiap ari minah and laki arab hot2 and sexy2 dpn mata.korg tgk gak kn? x korg x..korg kn org baek.sori2 :D

3)diorg xnk kluakn surat 'X' (aku tatau ape name surat tu sbnrnya).surat tu utk safety la if kne tahan polis,coz bdk2 ni ade yg visa mati.biasela Mesir kn, kami dgn cara baek mintak la diorg kluakn surat, tp diorg xmo..dh punya baek la kitorg inform nk gi kt xpe, kita dh mintak baek2 org xmo bg,kita mintak Dr Nesreen or Dr Said..(tercabar diorg disitu sbb kitorg x taat)

::: Tu la antaranya...n now u guys use ur power without any reasonable reasons..let me broaden the spectrum so all the readers here can get my point (tuka bahasa inggeris yg hancus atas dasar menjaga bahasa aku drpd mencarut x tentu pasal)

Counter Argument.

1) how what about ur sports day event b4, it was mix right? yeah i know girls and boys were separated at some point, but most likely they were mixing together, mostly with their colleagues... none action taken that day? maybe u didnt see it,or maybe u r blindfolding the eyes.girls cheers like hell at the night, even the so called gud girl did that? haha..whos prog? ur program...

2)how about the buses that u were taking when u return home during Raya or any other occasion, do u mind to check the list of passengers 1st before departure to see if all are the same sex as u in there first? "ooo my god,there's two girl at the front seat", do u change the ticket and wait for a bus with all the guys in there? huhu...see stupid right?..they want us to have 2 buses,guys and u think there is a rule stated that we had to sit in the buses pairly 'guys with girls' hey,i will be the 1st that object that..kitorg ni xla jahil mana la.

3) how about the 'kenduri', wedding or any occasion in ur hometown, where ur neighbors and frens are there talking and mixing with each other?in the good way u say? so do us!!!! with ur close frens,i'm pretty sure u hav one.even with sedara mara. urselve got involve in that, dont u? why dont u advice ur family and best frens 1st b4 doing dis to us? u know that too right..? BS guys, BS..

4) what about ur Musyrif system and all that?yeah Musyrif system is a good way to follow,just how it runs makes me u think i dont know about ur good'Musyrif? they r flirting too,dont u think i know about this? haha. just because it was already marked 'maksiat' on our forehead, u prevent us to do this trip?? but when it comes to u, it's 'pahala'....there is no justice, so how come u said u follow Islamic way instead?

5) u guys go to Sinai without any problem even with girl,and that's okay? yeah Musyrif,again and again. 30 girls with 3 guys can? then why 20 guys and 30 girls cant? do u think we want to do all the bad things?.we are islam too. YOU CAN DO ALL THE THINGS THAT WE CAN'T ? wow,then i want to join ur organization! pretty cool to get this immunity...

6) there are THOUSAND of things that i can state right here,but i think it's enough...or should i add more? :)

Remember guys, Islam is not just in certain occasions

we are islam in all aspects of life...i know i cant follow it completely, but can u? i'm sure u r not, coz we are 'umat akhir zaman', not perfect. but we shud try right? so in trying to do this, u guys as the elected student shud show us example,so that the student under u will follow...but u did the same thing too? so how can u be the example to others?

think guys, think!! it's all i want.

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